As coaches, we work with all levels of entrepreneurs across the board to help them achieve more by doing less and with a lot less stress.



As coaches, we work with all levels of entrepreneurs across the board to help them achieve more by doing less and with a lot less stress.

Our Live Coaching Formats

Circle Of Empowerment

Circle Of Empowerment Coaching

Do you ever wish you had someone that thinks like you to share your wins and challenges with? Is being a business owner lonelier than you thought it would be? Do you ever wish you could talk to someone that understands how you are feeling? If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions book a free consult. What people love about our group coaching is

  • Weekly cadence with likeminded people
  • Working together every week with like-minded people creates massive momentum. Like a mastermind but with benefits.
  • Resolving challenges Our Circle of Empowerment coaching has a reputation for dissolving even the largest of challenges. Because every entrepreneur is screened you get to work with other highly driven and values-based individuals - it's rocket fuel.
  • The power of a group - We follow the same process as our 1-2-1 coaching, however, in a group format that means you work together in a group of no more than 8. It's Rocket Fuel.

1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

Are you a founder, CEO or business owner that is feeling frustrated? Are you working your butt off but still never seem to make massive progress? Do you always seem to be playing whack a mole with your team? Are you trading in moments with those that matter because you have urgent work to do? If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above book a free consult. We can help with:

  • Time - If you think you are currently doing the best you can with your time and you can't really free up anymore then our free consult will help you.
  • Energy - If you are often feeling stressed or under pressure or just not how you use to feel that is perfect our free consult is for you.
  • Vision - We all have a vision of something we would like to achieve that is bigger than ourselves, some of us need some help to find it, others need help to refocus on it and other need help to see its importance. If you want a new sense of purpose we look forward to chatting about your vision wherever you are on the journey because it is important.

Full Team Coaching

Full Team Coaching

This is for values-based founders that have companies with large aspirations and an even bigger vision. It is a hybrid package designed specifically for you. It normally includes the following:

  • Employee Growth Program - This often includes all video-based training, and one two-hour whole team live coaching session once a month.
  • Leadership Growth Program - Group coaching for the leadership once a week and quarterly goals and vision alignment session.
  • Pitch Prep Sessions - As required, pitch prep sessions that use our unique process that will have you losing four times less often.

Pitch Coaching

Pitch Coaching Image

If you have a pitch coming up, whether it is for new business, a merger or acquisition, a key recruitment shoulder tap or for additional funding, our unique pitching process has real-life statistics of helping those that follow it.

It has been proven that you lose 4 times less often, so if you had a win rate of 20% will increase to approximately 80%.

A win rate of 50% will increase to approximately 90%.

A win rate of 90% will increase to approximately 98%.

  • No manipulation or spin - Grow your social skills and grow your network.
  • Pitching is a science - We'll work with you and/or your team live to teach you the pitching science while working on one of your real-life opportunities.
  • Results based - We'll work on a pitch by pitch basis for this training, and it is based on an engagement fee with the balance paid only if you win your pitch.

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